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Sale Price Of Your Home 6% Listing Fee Discount Realty Florida 4% Total Commission Huge Savings To The Seller
$175,000 $10,500 $7,000 $3,500
$200,000 $12,000 $8,000 $4,000
$250,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000
$350,000 $21,000 $14,000 $7,000
$450,000 $27,000 $18,000 $9,000

Our mission is simple and unique to Citrus County. Since 2018, DRF has provided Citrus County home sellers with the highest level of full-service representation at the lowest cost. Our Listing Fee is only 1.5%. Additionally, the Buyer’s Agent receives 2.5%, so the max total commission paid by Sellers listing their homes with DRF is never more than 4% with cash or convention financing transactions. If we find an unrepresented buyer for your home, which happens about 1/3rd of the time, our commission is further reduced to 3%! We also will not charge you transaction fees like the others do that normally add $300 to $500 to the total realty fees paid by a seller at closing. DRF will also pay for a professional photographer to take the highest quality pictures of your home, which will be displayed on the MLS and 50+ other web sites we utilize to globally market your home. Great pictures are key to getting a great response. Take a look at our listings on this website to view our photo representations.

Averaging $1 Million in sales each month, our average client paid a 3.61% commission fee in 2021. THAT’S ALMOST HALF OF WHAT THE OTHERS CHARGE AT 6% OR 7%! We promise you will leave the closing with a much bigger check if DRF lists your home for sale. Our average savings was more than $5,000 per client in 2021.  No other real estate company in Citrus County that we know of advertises their fees out to the public. No Need to Haggle with an Agent. UPDATE: New in June 2022, DRF now provides a Pre-Home Inspection Evaluation so you will know what issues with your home need to be resolved prior to the Buyer’s Home Inspection.  This will save you even more money, time, and the stress associated with finding contractors to fix the problems quickly and prior to closing. Many transactions are delayed or terminated due to these issues.  We will solve that problem for you in advance and again, we are the only real estate company in Citrus County offering this service with any new listing.

Call us today and set up an appointment to discuss our plan to assist you with selling your home. Let us show you how we can reduce the commissions you pay by up to ONE HALF, while providing even more services than other Brokers do! Break away from the expensive old school realty platforms and pay much less to Sell Your House the NEW Way with DRF.


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